About Aluframe:

We started out in 1997 with Wooden doors and Windows and supplied to the Lowveld area, including Swaziland and Mocambique as well as Gauteng. We later expanded to supply Nationally and opened a branch in Stellenbosch to service the Cape Town area. New product lines included Frameless Balustrades, as well as timber and Aluminium Frameless Stacking doors. For the last three years we have been supplying and installing high quality Aluminium of which the last 18 months exclusively Aluminium and Frameless products.

Our Passion:

We believe that our clients are the most valuable assets in our company, and that without you we do not have a business. We therefore strive to provide the best quality products at very competitive prices. We also work closely with project managers and relevant role players to provide the right products at exactly the right time – as the project progresses.